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there's been a lot of writing about his videos, but i wonder if anyone has actually watched them. eg useless.avi? no, the starving chimpanzee eats a woman and then rapes her. huh, such a video will be on the site at the time, but now there will be no trace of it anywhere? :/ it didn't sound very convincing to me. i also like these types of sites. but npfnp seems to be successfully pr created site.


deep web style is a tense site, don't worry, you can't save the ass


interesting site. i'm wondering if anyone has a solution. it has some creepy videos. --- spoiler --- a website dedicated to the eradication of abnormal sexuality --- spoiler ---


this is the site i just visited but i don't understand anything about. it's perfect if you want to watch very strange videos and have strange thoughts.


(see: serbian movie)


there are some crappy torture videos, here you go, starting at 2.23: video site/watch?v=uaqzznoq9sk


don't look for adventure while there is liveleak...


the site that is said to have the original of the "suicidemouse.avi" video, which is quite famous on the internet, touted as "the mickey mouse video that makes you commit suicide". it's one of the weirdest sites you'll ever see, it's definitely annoying.