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it is a word produced with the root "sifr", which is also the root of the word "cipher" in arabic. arab philosophers think that the greatest secret is not existence, but non-existence, non-existence is expressed with zero and this expression transforms non-existence into existence. here is the password.


that's why the stupid romans find everything and can't find it, that's why every century ends after a year 2001 2101 or something etc....


note that fits very well with the sit command. -sit down! none. e$$ additional guy you....


if you want, let's listen to the rhyming melodies of zero that warm our hearts: i am nothing on my own, i am with the one on my left, i do not interfere in addition and subtraction; i'm the cutest in the crash..


it is the concept that i am most surprised to be thought of - found or now - in this world. neither the internet, nor the computer, the telegraph, the electricity... none of these seem like the greatest invention of humanity to me, but who thought of zero? who was able to name such a concept, who had the audacity to place all the numbers in himself. i'm still amazed when i think of it. is there anything as meaningful as "zero" in this world?


the only thing i know that exists to define absence.. i can't say that i know much in general anyway, but i would like to sit and chat with that first man who dreamed of a value that has no value.. he has a divine imagination..


it is a swallowing element in mathematics. all numbers fall in love with "0". it's the most popular number on the dance floor that catches everyone's attention, but no one wants to dance with a 0. because the end of this dance is to perish. sane numbers love zero from afar.. (see: love)


0 is spelled $i..