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if even the furthest sequence of your genes has some nomads, the mountains will call you. you cannot remain ignorant of this call. climate does not matter. plain, strait, sea and other whirlwinds. peace froze in that cool night when you were 5 years old, when you slept in the hair tent of relatives who went to the plateau. you search for that moment all your life.


mustafa kemal atatürk said, "guys, go and look at the taurus mountains, if you see only one nomadic tent there and there is smoke in that tent, you should know very well that no power or force in this world can ever defeat us." the turkmen community he said.


mustafa kemal atatürk has a saying about the nomads: "if even a single nomadic tent in the taurus is smoking, make sure that this country will not be captured by the enemy."


my ancestors that i am proud of..the legendary people of the legend of the thousand bulls


in antalya, people look at the sea while walking. those who turn their backs and look at the mountains are nomads. that's what my dad says.


they eat juice, drink buttermilk, look at the stars through a telescope.

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