noise canceling headphones

noise canceling headphones

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in the; noise canceling headphones. let's put this on our heads in the please. edit: there are also skype and msn compatible ones. wow...


some of them are so good that you forget you are listening to the song. you feel as if people are talking around you. if you are completely focused while working like me, you can suddenly jump up and say what's up..


it is a perfect invention to break away from the people and live in the glasshouse. if you pay 1500 tl and calculate the time you will spend in public transportation vehicles and crowded areas for 5-6 years, you realize that it is a full price performance monster.


necessary to be able to sleep in neighbor performances with beating ritual after violent fight. it is doubtful that it will benefit baby crying, for this a device that protects the brain, not the ear, should be invented.