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a combination of wine and vermouth; with hayyam.. a matter of rubai..


is atatürk's silhouette censored in the 95th minute of episode 24, is it me? edit: yes censored


"the cloud has passed, the tears remain, is it not possible to drink rose-colored wine on the grass such a day, the morning wind, the artifact tears your skirt, your skirt flutters as you look at the rose, the heart of the nightingale, when did these starry skies begin to turn, no one knows, no one knows"


with the words "when did these starry skies begin to rotate", we understand that khayyam realized something was turning 400 years before galileo.


in the mehmet güreli version, which is how the word 'wonderful' fits here, the person dancing with the keys of the piano is ayşe tobaccocu. the piece has a duration of 3:45 and is not an exaggeration: even if it is listened to dozens of times in a row, it does not bore you in the least; the most starry skies spin around you.. no one knows. i add: ahh, and there is something that makes me ache every time i read it... "the water that relieves the pain, no one knows that the water is aching"


the song that starts with the words "the cloud has passed, the tears are left on the grass" gives the same feeling when it ends; the song passes but the sadness it left remains.


song by mehmet güreli for the "city ozanları" project, one of ada music's compilation albums. poetry belongs to khayyam. it is a strange song; güreli, with the clarity he captures on vocals and keyboards, reveals that there is no one else in the world. it is also one of the closing songs of Çaltı. the bar closes you as well.