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tiny*, the main cast member of netflix's romantic comedy/teen movies. he has a very natural acting. half italian half german. (bkz: to all the boys i've loved before) (bkz: sierra burgess is a big loser)


don't know if he is italian or german, i can't comment on his acting, but he is very handsome, i don't know, he is one of the most handsome men i have seen in a long time, he is from 96


our brother from 96 working on netflix. neither too handsome nor too charismatic. it may be the devil's hair, but it's on him because he's making himself watch. and i'm not wondering what's going on under your lip.


in addition to entry no. (see #85329052), our young brother was attacked by a dog when he was 6 years old and his cheek was torn so that the inside of his mouth could be seen as a result of this attack. when he had this accident, i was a college kid and now i'm watching him in a fanciful netflix production. yeah baby boy, may your sister be a victim for you.


super handsome bakery fresh out of the oven.


a very handsome brother of ours.


read it as nuh cement for a moment :)


he is a very handsome and natural young actor whose voice is similar to (see: mark ruffalo) and himself and his demeanor (see: brandan fraser). i hope hollywood doesn't do to this lad what it did to brandan. they're not officially casting brandan lan.