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the movie is good. indeed, the viewing pleasure is very high. --- spoiler --- but i think there's a part of the movie that i think is disgusting. the kind that makes you wish it didn't happen: my beautiful brother; you swallowed the pill, okay. your intelligence is at the highest level; thanks! okay, why didn't you think to pay back that debt you took?! moreover, when you found 2 million with that money... even if you paid the money back; if only we could see such a beautiful subject in a much more workable form. how nice would it be? --- spoilers ---


even though i bought mdt 48 and didn't enhance it, i don't understand why the hero doesn't study biochemistry and produce his own mdt 48. he could also fold his money in gambling orgies much more easily than in the stock market.


we can say that it was a 7/10 movie, but --- spoiler --- how does that shelter house that eddie morra ( bradley cooper ) bought for i don't know how many millions of dollars is falling apart in 4 minutes with 4 people? --- spoiler --- waste of money, i laughed with my ass.


the movie that says the secret of success is to tidy our house. first i$ that house will be cleaned and tidied.


---spoiler--- the story of the man who could calculate anything after taking a pill. very nice. it was a mistake in the film that he could not calculate that he had to pay the money of the loan shark, otherwise the loan shark would be in trouble. of this