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a group that includes a group member who associates being called a big man with the istanbul convention. (bkz: funny)


i say that they should not be famous at all, they should always be left to me. then i think about the things that were left to me after i could never be famous (i feel embarrassed). listen, listen, broadcast, share! let there be dinosaurs among us!


the group that i think should fuck the fat cowboy in it. e: the corresponding author was blown away. so i got my archive and i'm ready to be blown away. consult law.


it's like my group trying to take advantage of the populism that waxes the mediocre category, which includes a big cellist sister. come delete.


group that includes a cellist who is very confused about what language of violence is and isn't. hazal lady can look as she wishes, she can like herself however she wants. someone may find hazal lady fat, thin, beautiful, ugly, cheerful, depressed, in short, whatever they want. he called the owner of the entry, who called himself a "large cut", a "bad speciesist" friend. he's not confused about speciesism, he doesn't officially have the slightest idea about speciesism. first he needs to learn words and concepts properly.

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