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he is a scientist who has very well constructed the place of our country's people on the history page with his speech broadcast on skytürk tv on march 28, 2012. he is one of the rare theologians who say that questioning religion and god is not forbidden in islam. "i am both a theologian and a social scientist," he said. those who missed the broadcast can watch it here.


(bkz: things that double the horizon when learned)


niyazi kahveci is currently talking about our age's understanding of god on the krt screen. he is a very qualified person. must be followed, read.


he is the author of a good book called islamic political thought, but in a new book i saw today (our age and the country), he wrote that 'revolutions from the top' for the post-republican revolutions, and his use of this cliché made me a little hopeless. it is not healthy for such a good academic to fall for such conveniences. is there any movement that does not come down from the top, it is necessary to ask niyazi bey, if it has been seen that the masses even raise their hairs without leaders and some revolutionary movements.


sapiens a brief history of humankind book-like subjects were discussed in the program i question. in the program, he also tells about the intellectual evolutions of humanity. video site/watch?v=senevpj0two


as confirmed in the program, he was adnan kahveci's cousin. this information on those comments did not create a smile on one percent. they belong to a truly esteemed family. by the way, he has many books. it is necessary to procure, read and open minds at the first opportunity.


the teacher who gave an interview at my school at kabataş boys' high school today. he is a very, very different person indeed, and his speech has taken our horizons from opposite shores and expanded them by oceans, so to speak. he himself is different, "we coffee shops are crazy like that!" he already told us with his words. i also have the audio tape of his conversation, if anyone is interested, just make my message light green.


i don't know where i came across his speech broadcast on skytürk tv on march 28, 2012, but he is the man who was able to lock me on the screen for 1 - 1.5 hours today. it has created a magnificent program with its interpretations, analyzes and the details it emphasizes. i think everyone should watch it at least once. (see: #27934764) here is a link, thanks to an author.