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it is currently in a program called page 2. i have never seen such a slum, such an ugly person in my life. woman, i'm sick of the lower class you know. how did she confuse the subject with perfect hypocrisy and babbling because there is a wine glass in front of a cat in the photograph published by sinem umaş. i can't explain it, open it, watch it seriously, it's a situation that can only be understood by watching. i was embarrassed watching it.


the underdeveloped people who lack empathy and call it cats were also gathered. why is it underdeveloped? what is it that makes people human? is conscientious. to be a superior person is to have a conscience. is to empathize. everyone protects their own offspring. the empathy you will feel for the rest of your life will only be in this dimension. being a good person is not learned later, it's too late for you. but conscience, to love every living thing; it requires not accepting the torture of any living thing. if you don't have it, step aside, let good people prevent this torment.


animal abuser. the worst part is that it does it in the name of "animalism". extremely nauseating.


he is the state of slum, ignorance, crotchety and corruption, meeting 1.2m followers and enraged. for example, if one day a diamond ring is deceived and raped, i will not be sad at all. "he was giving it to everyone anyway, one less or one more" right? ultimately "nature's law", so "don't get too attached" .. let's try to have the cat neutered, look what the people did. infamous.


i've never seen someone so repulsive.


don't know how this girl survived to this age with this intelligence. who is following this and it becomes a phenomenon? so strange. what does it mean, you're going to mate on the street anyway, what the hell is this? if your cat is barren, why do you take a cat home so that it can mate? come on, you got it, how do you say it like it's an ingenuity? downright abusive. i also complained to cimer. there are many children following him. he mentioned us as 'these' upon the reactions from animal lovers. you say these are the people you call these when they show their place. these are so mommy.


(see: #86485360) we wrote about how this woman became a varos, and my inbox was exposed to dead messages from job followers. a friend of mine said that after my entry, he went to fix it in his video and said that he wrote "i didn't disturb anyone or anything" as a note. as if they were proving their existence, the cat thing broke out. anyway, when we learned about the phenomenon with a message stating that he wanted 5000 tl in my message box just to notify the venue, we understood who advertised in the country. did i say you are varos?


if you ask what ignorance means, this is exactly what ignorance means. the sentence "you are already mating with everyone on the street, what the hell is this" reminded you of something, didn't it? the fact that a woman said this word made me even more sad. description: i hope you get some information, social media celebrity.

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