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our elder brother who is very confident and has balls. when he had a chance to send his biggest rival, he took him under protection and said that hodri is my ballad. this was actually a great message to hasan. you know, when we were little, we used to give advances to crush what we knew we were going to beat, or something like that happened. nihat gave 2 advances to hasan, it ends at 3.


he is a man like a man, whom he found and brought the character of the same name, in order to make up for himself this year, after the big mistake he made last year.


if it were my husband, i wouldn't send it to the grocery store, leave the survivor.


he is the person who hit karabükt twice in one day by the same tube truck when he was little. in fact, under his tough appearance, there is a fatherly and funny man. his generosity is legendary. is altruistic. in short, it is sweet.


a competitor who maintains his mastery and stance after the competitions he won in survivor. it has shown that it can be done as a human without yelling or braying, congratulations... edit: i see that the interest of female writers has increased as of the moment and i wish i hadn't written it because of this idiocy, but i'm not deleting it because of your manly stance...


this man's face is filled with an interesting smile when abbreviated gubidic games such as holding a vase and knocking a ball are played in survivor. as if saying "the game you're going to do", it seems to be eliminated on purpose.


the man i watched with my mouth parted, like a full-blown the girl. aside from the magnificence of your body, you are very masterful. my dear. hi. whats up.


he was recorded as another person who disturbed our peace at home after the biscolata men by putting their adonis in our eyes.

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