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night eagles

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is a reflection of the snot's desire to feel important. institutions also have such a tradition. wherever there is an officer who is useless and will do the same job if you replace him with a cat and a dog, he definitely has an adjective with shape, grace and janjan. the unqualified person, who feels important thanks to this janjan adjective, obeys his superior with more enthusiasm. think about it, for example, you take a dysfunctional primary school graduate and make a "night eagle". he is so grateful that if you spit, he puts salt on it and becomes food. of course, this is most beneficial for the supervisor.


the eagle is an animal that i know usually hunts during the day. the animal that makes me think that if an animal is to be named, it must be named after the owl, an animal that hunts at night. for example; night owls or owls, as they hunt already at night; just plain owl.


it is an application that will start the periods when we will be cut off by state officials, not by nonsense types, even in the neighborhoods we live in for 15 years, even in the neighborhoods that we sometimes call decent.


a name given without knowing that eagles do not fly at night (with insufficient eyes). it didn't happen again.


(see: gestapo)


a definition that i think contains irony for the watchmen is the truth; eagles can't see at night


it is a new generation "neighborhood watchman" application for istanbul. even in the neighborhoods we lived in for 15 years, even in the neighborhoods we sometimes call decent, it has been a very appropriate and good decision in these times when we are now blocked by nonsense types.…rin-aksam-dudunya-calacak edit: i find the process correct, as long as it is applied with etiquette and without causing any problems to the citizens. nice, what goes right in our country, let it go? if you say you are right. hopefully properly implemented as needed


first instruction from mustafa caliskan: "don't hesitate to use your gun" link the streets are safer now!