nicotine gum

nicotine gum

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this gum is kind of a miracle. it reminds the bodies that say i want to smoke and i smoke how chemical the concept of "wanting" is. i have been chewing for at least 7-8 hours a day for the last 8 days, so it has helped me not to smoke the cigarette that i have been smoking for 5 years.


it can also be produced amateurishly by smoking while chewing gum.


it is a gum that can eliminate the side effects such as headache and distraction caused by nicotine deficiency for addicts during long bus journeys or exams that last 2-3 hours. of course, it is inconvenient to chew for a long time. for this, it can be stored under the tongue after the nicotine deficiency is eliminated. it would be good if it was inflated and not detonated, it's not big babol after all. chewing gum but something serious. sold at the pharmacy.


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