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the clips are very well edited. instead of classic jewellery, hips and lamborghinis, there are more metamorphic, more minimal things. (bkz: shopping cart with black balloons tied to the end) (bkz: the garbage truck) "had to see a therapist then i found out somethin' funny's going on up in my house yeah started thinkin' maybe i should move out you know pack my cart take with the lines "a new route clean up my yard get the noose out hang up my heart let it air out", he is taking firm steps towards becoming the golden and white rapper boy of the new generation.


rapper who wore low key for quite a long time, flew low but exploded with when i grow up the other day. these are entry dollars. reminds me of eminem's pre-relapse period.


talent that raps without swearing, without weapons, without drugs, without sports cars, without a bikini chick.


(see: neurofibromatosis)


the video site recommendations finally showed me a tangible amazing artist. after listening to the tracks "when i grow up" and "the search" one after another, i decided to follow this boy's rise. i'd like to say i'm sure it will explode, but i've witnessed many talented rappers like this kid go out before they explode. for example, i'm still waiting for joyner lucas to blow up. i hope the way is clear. i'm looking forward to your new works.


when i grow up my ears feasted on this senseless and tasteless trap dump. the background and vocals of the song are great. walk nf.


he was diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder and was treated. due to the bad things he experienced in his time, he also experienced inevitable psychological disorders. he talks about life in his songs. he talks about what kind of nonsense children who grow up in crappy families go through to them, and how they are exposed to mental illnesses that most people don't know about. he is a real rapper, he touches real problems.


it is said that he raps about christianity, but he says, "i'm a christian, but i don't rap about it." he is from michigan and has lived a difficult life in parallel. after her parents divorce, she starts living with her mother and then her rights pass to her father when her mother's boyfriend abuses her. his mother died in 2009 from an overdose. he independently released his first album, moments, in 2010, and his story continues perfectly now.