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fuck the honor of the time that is not good for me. let the procession of fags burn, fuck the hose of the fire department that supplies water. in the form of $, there is also a nice couplet with interesting messages in it.


the people are weird, they don't mind every word, you say you're a fag


... now let me tell my master, this is how it is told in the "drinks and literature world": "doctor fahrettin kerim gökay is giving his lecture on the 'harms of alcohol'. he once said: 'each glass of raki shortens our life by an hour'. neyzen in the audience tevfik jumps up and shouts: - alas, we got burned! - no wonder? - i calculated; it turns out it has been exactly forty years since i died."


neyzen, heccav, accompanied by peyami safa. one day, after the prohibition of alcohol to neyzen tevfik, peyami safa goes to visit his master. when you see a big wine barrel in one corner of the room, the following dialogue develops: ps. what is this master? you wouldn't drink anymore!? nt. what do you do, son, if i don't drink, i'm weak. ps. so does the drink help? nt. no way, what are you saying!! look, i couldn't move this barrel when it came, now i can lift it with one hand.


according to the rumor, he met the night guard one night when he was very drunk and asked: -i was looking for my son's neyzen tevfik's hut? are neyzen tawfik?!?! -who asked you about neyzen tevfik, bre deyyus, i asked about your house.!


a good-hearted man wants to give him money, knowing that one day the neyzen travels without money, but the legendary responsiveness of the neyzen intimidates him and throws the money behind the neyzen and says that neyzen money has been lost. the answer to neyzen is water. -that's not my money. what's the money for me anyway. that falling is your heart of gold.


women have 4 miracles; 1. it bleeds without any wound, 2. it gives milk without eating grass. 3. mind gives without head, 4. head fucks, without dick.