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next generation questions

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for those who cannot solve these questions, a method is shared here. said to be effective.


Questions i wonder how is it different from the old questions.


the situation is not different in the questions, there was even a question about avoidance-avoidance approaches in education in the sample questions recently. i feel sorry for these children, their jobs are really difficult. moreover, most of them are far from abilities such as blending information and reasoning. it's a pity, but that's what the system requires.


question types that are currently dragging senior students in mathematics. really good questions. pisa questions consist of. not memorizing information; these are the kinds of questions that can be solved by those who know, understand what they read quickly, analyze, think multiple times, put their logic into action and see carefully. previously, only those who were preparing for the science olympics would solve such questions. all students must solve it now. in our time, the questions in the university exam are almost baby toys besides them.