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it is the new day that those who use the word in the title instead of the word "nevruz" celebrate with the beautifications of torch in hand, çerxa soreşe in the language, baby killer*. i think even if the year is 3020, the ignorance of these friends will be passed on from generation to generation. (see: march 21, 2015, diyarbakir nevruz) exactly like the democratic aunt of the peoples my brother. see also we were there son, we were in all of them. you shamelessly deny it too.


these fags threw soda bottles and stones at our house because we hung a huge the flag on our balcony on the day of nowruz. yes, because we hung the the flag. so don't let it get stuck in your pyrolysis or whatever.


like every other value, it was emptied by the people of the pkk and reduced to the level of the annual regular hdp rally.


it is the holiday that i celebrate by burning the tire of my toy car and jumping over it at home. i congratulate everyone on the holiday. *


incorrectly celebrated. the truth is, muammer laughs, it is to get rid of mighty statesmen like abdulkadir aksu by holding hands over the burning tire.


today* is the holiday where the arrival of spring is celebrated by sacrificing tires to the tire god and stoning the security forces as a demon.


it is the day that is originally the feast of the turks, whose celebrations begin with the halay and end with the police stoning. there is no letter w in the language of the. the original (see: nowruz festival) is. the police will not be stoned, the workplace will not be destroyed.

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