new year expectations

new year expectations

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thank goodness we learned that nothing should be expected. because the result is always the same.


in one of the classic street interviews before christmas, the reporter asks the person on the street; - how was 2012? - - ... (a look in "what the fuck" mode) - what is your hope for 2013? - to be able to hope... yes... just to be able to "hope..." (see: he's right guys)


more patience.


be free from all expectations. (see: less expectation the more happiness)


an ordinary life where i don't have manic attacks or get depressed. i really don't have an eye for more. my only concern is cleaning the house and cooking. i can only write long. let my darling come home in the evening, let's watch our anime with pleasure. i go to bed early, i get up early. let's go for a nice morning walk with the energy of starting the day early. let me come home and do my pilates. let me make my bread at home, it's the healthiest. i play with my cats all day. i just want an ordinary life.


i don't have any expectations. i don't have any comments or suggestions either.


i got out of work, i'm going home with my car, while i was browsing the radio channels so that i could find my joy on the road, i witnessed the following dialogue of the reporter with the citizen on the street; * what are your expectations from the new year, for example, did you have any hopes that came true in 2013? - i have no hope so that it will come true.. if you still have hope in a country where desperate millions live, you are very lucky, happy birthday to all of you..