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in journalism "what's wrong with you my lion?" as far as i understand, he has adopted his stance. elbow on table, lean forward slightly, eyes stare...


put your hand on your conscience, he has dressed the akp deputy in good condition. he almost cried with anger at his speech. he said "put your hand on your conscience, is it normal for a 13-year-old boy to be put in someone's bosom?" halal, there is no nonsense, god damn those who make sickening news because they loved at the age of 14. edit: link has been renewed.


liboş will continue to comment on the country, which will have turned into a middle east garbage dump from sweden, which he will throw the lid off in 10 years. he is busy digging the grave of the republic of the country with the comfort of knowing that he will never have to be together with the “refugees” he loves so much at any moment of his life.


he has such a style when presenting news that if you don't keep it, it is as if he would say that his mother's mother and father's parents did it like this today. i wish your director a lot of patience.


very interesting person. beautiful and ugly, old and young, thin and fat.

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