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for neurosis: "it is a kind of monastery in which people in our time shut themselves down, disillusioned by life, or feeling too powerless for life." der sigmund freud. on the other hand, not by escaping to the solution, by resisting as if it didn't happen, by conflicting with the subconscious; argues that it can be reached by reconciliation with one's inner world. he says don't fight with your subconscious, make love.


impulses- the state of being unable to balance between his life and society, although it has no organic basis, and this situation, which is generally caused by childhood anxieties, in the form of hysteria, phobias, depression, widespread bodily pains, etc.


it differs from psychosis with the feature of "being aware of the current state of the individual". in psychosis, the person has become incapable of distinguishing between reality and fantasy. in neurosis, the person is aware of his distress, but cannot find a way to escape from these anxiety-provoking situations. for example, schizophrenia is a psychotic illness. obsessions, phobias etc are neurotic diseases.


"the neurosis, the psychosis; these are not life transitions, but rather situations when the process is interrupted, blocked, blocked. illness is not a process, but a cessation of the process, as in the 'nietzsche example'." (see: gilles deleuze)


mentally healthy person: "i am growing." then a neurotic * person: "i am not the person i should be." der.


it is the general name given to the disorders that do not cause disruption in the social and individual life of the person, do not break the connection with reality, but negatively affect the life of the person. it is divided into 4 main categories, anxiety disorders, somatoform disorders, factitious disorders, dissociative disorders


inability to recover from the traumas of past experiences. inability to recover from the traumas of missing experiences. even if a person lives knowing that he is neurotic, it is not possible to get rid of the influence of the previous periods of his life. two neuroses meet. since both of them punished the milk with yogurt and both of them were yogurts that were punished... some things are happening like a prick, the relationship is watering down. relationship ceases to be a relationship... it becomes a tzatziki!