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(see employee of the month)


if he was a turk, he would also fly the flag of the team he kept next to the the flag per month.


he is the first person to zip in the month yes sir yurumedi zipladi


the rumor is (it is not true) that after saying the famous "one small step for me but a big step for the world", he said "you are good again, mr. gorsky".. because when he was little, he heard a noise from his neighbors' house while he was lying in his room.. when he listens to the incident, his neighbor he hears the woman say to her husband, mr. gorsky, "you want a blowjob huh? you can only get a blowjob when the child walks on the moon, you idiot".


they asked him "what did you like most about the month?" he said, "back to houston".


if he was the, his name would be nail güçlükol.


his death did not attract as much attention as steve jobs's. a sad story...


if he were a turk, he would put a stone under the wheel* as soon as he got off the spacecraft.

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