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the dark person whom i wish to be manifested wherever the justice that is not in this world goes.


in a speech he made when he was the police chief, he declared atheism a crime: "there are people who practice irreligion under the guise of secularism in this country!" oh my necdet manager! now you're in the grave, your ideas are in power.


he left without facing the justice of the people. he left behind thousands of people who commemorate him with unsolved murders, veteran incidents and torture.


his introduction to speaking "aloooo" in the walnut shell program, which was shot all the way back in 1994 and in which aziz nesin participated, his constant addressing to walnutoğlu as "hulkii", the tone and style of his speech and the demagogueries he made are must-watch.


from those who disappeared from this world without giving account...


the person who was the istanbul police chief during the gazi district events.


he is one of the darkest actors of a period called torture. it cannot be considered independently of names such as mehmet agar, unal erkan, tansu ciller. not convicted.


Çiller took the risk of disrupting the government for himself and then made him a deputy. he was one of the first to leave Çiller on february 28

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