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he doesn't have to say the right things because he says he does what he does as a hobby, but he doesn't admit his mistake and tries to get on top. he's not worth following. they're hanging out with their fans like they're doing the greatest thing in the world. if you are following, you have a problem. i don't think you should consider yourself so stupid.


his videos are admirable and i like him a lot, but it's not nice that he talks about some topics as if he had his own thoughts or found it. eg. pineal videos but i would like to have more the bloggers like this.


i mean homophobia is a disease and can be cured. i'm not saying i researched them this week, i know. google it. :/ he is also an operating system, not an android phone. learn this, then make a video, my friend. kissed, kib, bye.


he is the most open-minded bigot in the world.


in owencan's words, she writes mediocre, no different from spoiled and grouchy girls who complain about everything, who think they are elite. you are the most cultured my dear. even you know best. you're smart, you're a lion, you're a tiger, honey. i kissed you, byeee. edit + note: sorry whoever made you believe you had a good laugh; but you're so artificial sweetie.


i came across a video where he talks about baudrillard. he couldn't have gotten the idea of simulacrum more wrong. according to this friend, it is a direct reflection of reality. however, we call simulacrum a reflection that has no real equivalent. copy without original. in the second part of the video, he connected simulacrum to string theory and from there to mysticism. abov. in short, (postmodern) philosophy was a joke in 6 minutes. our youth also cherish such men. shame.


the writer who says to me, my name, myself, and directly "knowledge as much as a dick". luckily he doesn't know the size of my dick, if he knew he would have realized that his analogy was out of scope.


season 7 has started.