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a place that sells baby ground beef for 176 lira per kilo. i have no more words.


the weight of sausage is not clear, it is stated as 450-550 g. a high rate of 20% should find a solution to this. if they also make a sausage introduction package, we would like to taste all their sausages :)


the site i want to order but haven't found enough good reviews yet.


this organization should be supported. the meat you buy from right or left comes from abroad and you can get all kinds of cancer from the antibiotics they contain. take advantage of the anatolian curl from the producer of our anatolia. new analysis results have arrived, anyone can review. link


i ordered sausage, salami and roasted sausage. salami and roasted sausages are very good, but there is a serious lack of spice in their sausages, neither spice nor garlic taste. is it quality, yes, i think it is very high quality, but unfortunately i could not say that this is sausage in terms of taste.


lamb products are excellent. i've never had better sausage in my life. try the ribs and karski. i am so satisfied that i will order the whole lamb. there are 3 delivery points or they deliver directly to your home/address.

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