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whoever sings himself in the last tv series * * * should donate his vocal cords to nebahat çehre somehow. the missing piece in a woman's life is that voice! if nebahat çehre had been born with that voice, she'd probably be the Queen of england by now.


i think one of the biggest dreams of every young girl is to be as beautiful and attractive as this woman at this age. i'm sick.


he multiplies the 24-year-old me by 10, multiplies it by 8, and sticks me on the wall. if i'm watching love memnu just because of this woman.


this chick has given the prime minister such an adjustment regarding the magnificent century polemic that she can say halal: "i don't understand why i brought it up when there are so many problems in the country" ... "if they do not believe that these stories reflect the truth, they have great opportunities, as they know, a series of tv shows. let them shoot and we'll watch too". it's a refreshing tune these days when everyone is licking power. we found out why he got married to yılmaz güney on time.


according to cem yılmaz, benjamin is the button.


an artist who doesn't interest me much because i like mature women. maybe in 5-10 years i will get old and i will follow you.


i've already passed on her innate beauty, so let this woman who loves her god put the makeup on my face right in my eyes.


the only person who can be registered as master yoda on ajda pekkan's phone.