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nazmi cihan beken

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a young poet, born in 1989, whose poem i liked very much, his poem called karasuanlar pek mil, which was included in yky poetry yearbook 2010. the definition under his name is flattering: "it's like it's going to create a unique style out of experimentation... it has a strange world."


he lived through today's quarantine conditions, and even more so, exactly 10 years ago, in cebeci, ontologically without reason, subjectively, voluntarily. in one of our conversations one day, he said that he wanted to turn around in the narrow streets that lead from the back of talatpaşa towards the castle. for some reason, i said never mind, because i compared them to at least 4,000 years old pits formed by lava flowing from a volcano.


pilgrim poet who is constantly busy looking for ways out of the world. he once tried his luck in japan, but that too was short-lived. i hope he is well, he is happy. if we can talk again one day, i will ask how many liras he lost in his publishing business, first... then the talk comes to mr. Şavkar, celan, and sami.