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even though it is one of the scariest creatures in the book*, i have never been scared because my mother tongue is the*.


nazgûl = ringwraith tolkien translated this word from the orc language. "nazg" means "yunuk" and the suffix "ûl" at the end means "servant" and "spirit/ghost". used in a sentence $ia$ can be as follows: one ring to rule them all, one ring to find them = ash nazg durkatuluk, ash nazg gimpatul


the beings that passed as nazgul in the lord of the rings have been remembered by most people as flying creatures somehow. but these were the 9(?) immortal fallen kings working for sauron. they were chasing after someone with dark cloaks and horses throughout the story. meaning: nazg = ring, rose = soul. the fact that it is confused with a horse may be due to the fact that horses can be called nazgul. nazgul is a girl's name.


everyone is afraid of them, but it is not clear what they are afraid of. what they're riding is not a dragon, not a dragon, but a shapeless bat whistling like that. 9 of them could not unite and have a half life. come on, they were beaten by aragorn, how many women there are in the book, they all beat them up nicely ** these are just a handful of scavengers who take the charisma of dressing in black. whoever sees these in the air is hiding. it's like they're going to throw a missile at their heads.


we can say it is the f-16 of middle earth.

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