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she came to the babylon concert on january 10 sickly, shot the egg whites between two pieces, stayed on the stage for a while, had them brought to the point of "oh go woman", then went to the backstage and got an injection, then came and danced, and managed to be magnificent with her flaws. isn't being a star like that too?


a woman i can't forget just because of blunder. i don't think there is another piece that touches my soul that makes me so sad.


we are in the car one day with an american friend, we are listening to natacha atlas's album gedida. there is a beautiful song called bahlam there, it plays.. we all get sick of natacha's snaky, peak sexual voice.. a pearl from an american friend: "now i understand why islam bans female voices."


velvet-voiced singer who sings the song called gafsa in the movie bin-jip* made by kim ki-duk. this is the only song in the movie. no one else.


he's also jewish. but this did not prevent him from making the call to prayer with his magnificent voice.


makes you cry but does not cry.


the woman who is proof that arabic suits women more.


the lady i met by hitting the sign with her poster in taksim square.