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the walking dead has established a throne in my heart by translating "son of a dick" in the 11th episode of season 4 as "we stepped on the cocks sideways".


he is the person who prepared the subtitles of how i met your mother with mona riza on divxplanette. indispensable subtitle editor for the ad jingle that is formed in my head before each episode. (bkz: is there anyone like nazo)


when i started to become familiar with the culture of tv series on the internet, which corresponds to 4 years ago, i thought that he and mona rıza were a couple/husband and wife. when i saw later that they did not do the translations together and that nazo was translating with different partners, "i wonder if they divorced/divorced?" i was upset.


"i am nazım osman, i am 82 years old. i was born in the usa, i returned to the country at the age of 30. i spend my retirement days translating tv series and movies on the internet." nickname of the person with short biography.


i have always encountered nazo82 in translations of how i met your mother. my guess is nazo82 is the girl with the yellow umbrella!


the person who can be a wanted roof candidate if he is old enough.


he deserves a big thank you for all the how i met your mother translations. i hereby convey my most sincere thanks to him. god bless him. make gold what you hold. how many years have passed? in the first season of how i met your mother, what were you doing, who were you with, where are you now, think about who you are with. but naso82 always existed. you always entered that divx planet, you downloaded it, you watched srt. little ice is not a job. that's what i call stability. thank you nazo82.


legendary translator who moved him with the words "good luck for the last time for himym" at the beginning of the himym final and "goodbye" at the end. it's getting bad inside man.