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company that sells counterfeit electronic products on trendyol. instead of the redmi airdots tws bluetooth headset i gave, they sent a fake earphone called rowen. when i returned it, they refused to return it with the lie that the box was damaged. well, what did trendyol do in this business? of course, the seller took the side of the company. this topic deserves a separate thread, perhaps. beware of


believe they are serious scammers. i've been waiting for weeks with a broken robot vacuum in my hand. neither their phones can be reached nor the trendyol customer representative. both companies are a disgrace to each other. i was going to buy a dyson vacuum cleaner from trendyol, but after this negative experience, i gave up. in summary, stay away from both.


it is to be avoided.


trash can company. i am writing this entry just to be avoided. i ordered iphone 12 mini from them and wrote on whatsapp in the evening. no one answered, so when i got up in the morning, i checked the order status and saw that the product was out of stock. then i called the company, but no one can be reached or it is ringing busy. i canceled my order immediately before it was shipped, and i was relieved. stay away clear!