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neither crazy joys nor fake tears. what is japanese modesty, the woman who showed it after she became champion at us open 2018. nice one too.


a young talent who has grown even more with his training in the ceremony. if it was one of us, it would be very likely that serena and all the audience would say "get this trophy" in your ass.


legendary game, future legendary tennis player who, with nerves of steel, drove serene williams crazy and ugly; brought to mind the legendary ugliness of the 90s martina hingis. meanwhile, years pass, despite everything, you are my platonic love hingis!


can't wait, the girl officially apologized for beating serena and cried. you're cruel, serena, you ruined her first championship. description : japan's first grand slam champion in men's and women's.


the first japanese grand slam champion in history. serena williams had her first official match when she was only 11 days old.


the tennis player who is impossible to be the most cheesy woman in tennis history when there is such a thing as serena williams.


with his speech at the ceremony, he drove the american audience up the ass, but they do not have the intellectual capacity to understand this.


heh, for the first time in 10 years, a female tennis player with a high level of physics and technique appeared on the field, we were fed up with unstable, bumpy women, the champion of the future.