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think it is the first movie of bashar soapcu. lemon business etc. of low-income civil servant İbrahim (Şener Şen) although he could do additional jobs such as his family, his discovery and the fact that he went out of his way to the empty streets as a result of not being able to provide for his family, are told by the media that he was completely crazy. Şener Şen's pierced man figure still makes the body that wrote this entry laugh..


"underneath these panties there is more than flesh, there is an idea under these panties." says, v for vendettavari, a sener sen film with a script based entirely on social and political criticism. the sad thing is that the social and economic problems criticized by the film are still increasing today.


the movie that tells the people of my country very well, that makes another child on top of 4 children, regardless of the economic situation, and infuriates them by saying that god will provide their sustenance, very well.... : it's not enough, i couldn't fix it by saying "i couldn't fix his financial situation, it is a beautiful film that makes a heartwarming speech


video site/…atch?v=bijmcusfft4 and t=3077s the bearded actor who says "good news, come on" is the director of the movie, the late baş soapcu. the sentence "he thinks he is a director" by herald ar is actually a self-referential of the first film he directed, yağmur soapcu.


a world-famous film that will never lose its currency as long as the current order continues. when you know that such things can be done, one gets a strange happiness.


let there be a film in the caliber of a naked citizen in this country, i would like to sit down and discuss the freedom of the press, the right to criticize, etc., in the new period. but it has no value for now.


- spoiler (bkz: what the fuck are you going to fuck) --- spoiler --- don't get tired of watching it whenever it is shown