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the company that adopts the akp's policy of "presenting our critics as enemies who cannot attract our success". accuses those who say their mistake as employees of the rival (parallel) company. he admits that he ignores consumer laws, tries to justify this by lying (showing websites abroad as fake examples), and continues his threats implicitly. yes, all the country is united, your oriental cunning is attacking your fake business.


it was one of the sites i browsed for 4 laptops that we will buy for the company for a week. i would provide a turnover of almost 10 thousand liras to an organization that treats its customers in this way. i eliminated you directly, my virtual market. this is how i will advertise it to all my circle. companies like yours are doomed to perish. say hi to that knowledgeable lawyer for me, and if he can reach me, he can reach me too. let me tell him how to take legal action.


the site where i share what happened to the please kill me author in the shopping groups i am a member of on facebook and add it to the black list. if they are doing business by arguing with the customer like this to make a profit of 3 cents, they will fly the bankruptcy flag soon.