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my hometown

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brave burnt bagri, turquoise ancestry, shepherds, rich and poor, they are all in love i bow my heart, the rest is another song, god damn, it's another song with one last stanza like my hometown.. i like this continent the most...especially its 3rd line...


1974 tarik akan - filiz akin movie. the director is yucel cakmakli. leyla has become a stranger to her culture as a result of her family's incomplete and wrong education. during her music education in vienna, she meets mehmet, who is connected to her roots, and begins to have a relationship. however, leyla's unbridled admiration for the west will end this relationship. events unfold...


a song sung to fuel the people of my country for a while. when i heard it on a cd by itzhak perlman, i was like a watermelon that fell off a donkey. turns out our gas song was a traditional jewish tune. also called: as der rebbe ellech is gevoyrn asoi freylach (whatever that means). those who read yalcin small may have analyzed the name of ayten alpman and predicted this situation. i'm miserable still despise searching for origin by name.


refrain; laaaaaay is in the form. was too lazy to write words.