my grandfather's people

my grandfather's people

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it is a movie that i especially like the little boy tahsin, who is the second apprentice, that i believe he did his role really well and that i was impressed by him. his name is hakan arkal. we would like to see it in other works as well.


Çağan irmak's new film project. scenario and management belongs to irmak. he wrote the screenplay based on the real life story of his grandfather. the film, which will start shooting in june, is scheduled to be released in november 2011. zöge: what did you denigrate about it, friend? edit after leaving zö: don't be missing guys.


--- spoiler --- i swear i won't let him out on the street, i'll look at home; what a cute pimp. sabri sarıoğlu's childhood is officially my dear. --- spoilers ---


spoiler something broke inside of me. i will also eat that tahsin, i will adopt it, i will not give it to anyone. --- spoilers ---