my friend the devil

my friend the devil

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around 30-35 of the movie. at a dinner attended by ali poyrazoglu and mazhar alanson at min. "let the music begin", a harp and an opera singer take the stage. opera head director is none other than yekta kara. the piece he sang is "tchaikovsky - nyet tolko tot ktoznal".


don't remember exactly, but there was a dialogue like this in this movie: little girl: the devil took it away, brought it without selling it... ali poyrazoğlu: what did you say? where did you learn this? little girl: one of my earring is lost, i will tell you to find it, my grandmother taught me... ali poyrazoğlu: tell your grandmother not to meddle in my affairs too much, take your water earring, don't lose it again, come on..


the most beautiful fantastic film in the history of the cinema. there are already very few examples, but this is very high quality..


in this movie, one of the other two people playing with mazhar alanson* in the bar is Özkan uğur. the other is not fuat güner. ayhan sicimoğlu.


in my opinion, it is one of the face-to-face films of the cinema. definitely very successful.


<< plastic woman: husband, i'm bored, even if you eat some paste.. fatih: yavv, can't you think of something else? satan : is it easy to wait for a nuptial in a showcase for ten years ? ******* plastic woman: cleaning, laundry, ironing, food, what else can a woman want from life fatih: i'm sorry, but you couldn't get an average of this job. devil: do you know what kind of woman you want? >> good movie to be remembered with its lines.


detail of a scene that i remember from the movie: ali poyrazoğlu: my stomach is growling..i am becoming human.. mazhar alanson: master..are you okay? ali poyrazoğlu: i'm fine, i'm fine.. mazhar alanson: master, since you're human, there is sultanahmet meatball restaurant over there, let's go there and have something to eat.. we've come this far not to leave.. ali poyrazoğlu: e okay.


it is the film in which the musicians created by the devil* actually play the solos they originally made to show themselves so that fatih* could sing "dolum dolmam". none of them fool the audience by randomly moving their hands over their instruments. they really play the melody heard.