my father's jacket

my father's jacket

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it is a film that i find successful, which we are not used to seeing in today's the country, which does not try to lick ass, and does not resemble today's films with low intelligence. do not trust those who say it is bad. it is enough that he has made a system criticism. we need movies like this. it's not that we laugh at the types who fart. the system continues to memorize you while they fart and those with low intelligence laugh. to be honest, it's not such a sloppy production, but the criticizing friend is enough, they exist! watch, watch.


super bad movie stuff. it's nothing but a waste of time. if netflix paid for it, i think we could all get into the movie business!


film that has nothing tangible except for erkan can. it has many unnecessary scenes and a pointless scenario. --- spoiler --- i wrote that the main character committed the crimes at the end of the movie. he is acquitted by giving a social message to the high criminal committee even though he committed the crimes of looting, damaging property, carrying unlicensed firearms, depriving people of their liberty, attempting a crime, threatening with a gun, injuring, resisting the execution of duty, and injuring a public official. we applaud standing. --- spoilers ---


the scenario was so ridiculous --- spoiler --- he had so many debts, are all problems solved when he gets married --- spoiler ---


don't be fooled by the cast, guys. in one word it sucks.


i never understood why the girl's family is a black sea family living in dalyan, what effect this detail has on the film. i stopped watching already