my brave lion

my brave lion

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at a concert organized by the Çankaya municipality in ankara at the time, thousands of people chanted the refrain "my valiant lion lies here" in unison, pointing to the mausoleum.


this is the poem written by bedri rahmi* for the nâzım, who made judgments without anyone hearing. in his poetry, eyüboğlu rebels against nazım's imprisonment conditions (iron mattress, stone cedar), his being squeezed between damp walls even though he did not eat haram and did not kill anyone. elhak reached more people when it became a song. but "he lies here" seems to be perceived as lying under the ground judging by the comments.


the song we need to sing for uğur mumcu once again today.


again, on november 10, i saw that it was shared in a few places dedicated to mustafa kemal. i'm not going to tell you which song people should listen to and with what emotion, if they like it that way, they listen to it that way. but it is also a fact that the person who initiated the attribution of the song to mustafa kemal, considering the lyrics, the person whose lyrics were written, and its relation with kemalism, has signed one of the highest level of political trolls in my opinion. #11579069


the song that reminds me of the late uğur mumcu every time i listen to it, and that we sing in tears on the snowy street every january 24th, the composition belongs to zülfü livaneli and the lyrics belong to b.rahmi eyüboğlu.


when you listen to this piece, don't get goosebumps, don't get wet and don't be sad, a person is not human in my eyes.


bedri rahmi eyüboğlu wrote this piece for nazım hikmet.