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--- spoiler --- with pool scene... --- spoiler ---


1. you have a father-in-law and you owe 50,000 2. the bonus of the intelligentsia to have watched a fun movie and watched a european movie --- spoiler --- 3. it starts out as a compliment to girlfriends while married and continues unexpectedly 4. here's the basis of all these is the desire to chase excitement --- spoiler --- the fact that the 5th leading man is the type and many other things, have a good time.


it's as erotic as teenagers can appreciate and praise, and as funny as everyone trying to convince each other that they can somehow cuckold each other and find happiness. you know, those types of us who are at the level of cinema culture and romantic comedy 2 movies, huh, this is the movie that i believe they should not miss. everyone is cheating. because life is a scam.


this is the famous billiards scene; [http://video site/watch?v=uzjinosa8ge http://video site/watch?v=uzjinosa8ge]


the movie translated into english as men in hope.


a movie like mehmet ali erbil. come on, i didn't know, so the kids don't hear. lovers don't miss it. i don't remember where i heard and watched the movie so that i should rain curses and black magic on them.


aside from the unique beauty of our vica kerkes chick, whose unique beauty i met thanks to this movie, it really is one of the most entertaining movies i've seen in recent years. the plot and narration style is really nice. just a little caveat; although it is made with an entertaining narration, the film contains some erotic and somewhat pornographic elements and its subject is based on deception. so it is not recommended to watch with family, especially with lovers*.


it is a 2011 czech comedy film. it has a teaser like this: http://video site/watch?v=bpsj1nza_pmandnr=1