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reminds of an old principle. it is a group that carried out state terror during the reign of the caliph al'mamun and the mahdi and imprisoned ahmad bin hanbal. then the same (and more) applies to them in transoxiana. how does it bring to the word of bakunin: "take the most ardent revolutionary, give unlimited power, in a year he will be worse than the tsar."


sects, views, beliefs and points of view are proof of how beautiful, rational and pro-scientific-science even those who once had a belief in islam came to. but just a little break..


the adherents of this sect used to hang around in the streets of baghdad at night when the people could not go out out of fear, because they rejected miracles, the appearance of jinn, and all kinds of irrational issues. (see: zamahşeri) (see: al keşşaf) (see: mutezili)


the basis of mutazila philosophy is human and knowledge issues. according to this teaching, something that is incompatible with the mind and cannot be proved by the senses is not a reality. destiny, which is revealed in the Qur'an and hadiths, is a concept on the day of judgment. man is not dependent on fate, he lives according to his mind and as it shows. heaven and hell are both concepts and therefore do not exist. belief does not develop a person, does not give him superiority, and it is not possible for a person to access knowledge with belief. (see: at thousand ata)