murphy's sign

murphy's sign

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the finding described in the acute cholecystitis symptoms section in an old basic treatment book is as follows: if the hand is placed under the right rib and the patient is given a deep breath, the pain becomes evident. (the murphy sign is positive) i think a very clear, catchy expression *


a finding that is more valuable for cholecystitis to be detected sonographically compared to manual examination.


in physical examination, when the hand is pressed on the murphy point, the patient feels pain that will cause the patient to interrupt his breathing. it is a sign of cholecystitis.


although there are 3 different definitions of the murphy point, the most commonly used one is the point where the right middle clavicular line cuts the right costa arc. for murphy's sign, the physician asks the patient to exhale, then places their fingers just below the murphy point. when the patient is asked to take a deep breath, the diaphragm expands, the liver is pushed down, and the gallbladder is squeezed between the fingers and the liver. if the patient has cholecystitis (inflammation of the gallbladder), the patient suddenly stops breathing due to increased sensitivity and gives the murphy positive sign.


physical examination finding that indicates inflammation of the gallbladder. after the patient exhales, the physician presses his hand on the patient's murphy point and tells the patient to breathe. if the gallbladder is inflamed (see: cholecystitis), the patient suddenly stops breathing by feeling severe pain and this is called murphy positive. if there is no pain or breathing interruption, this situation is also called murphy negative.