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his father's daughter, his mother's likeness. it is clear that he is a friendly and approachable person. to be called incompetent can be because of envy, you must have eyes!


he had his name engraved in the film booklet as the "pre-selection jury" at the 13th akbank short film festival in 2017. when there were more knowledgeable and hardworking filmmakers than him, he made me say 'hoo', i couldn't devote myself to the movies i watched until the movie show was over. it smelled like torpedo guys.


the more beautiful and older daughters of ferhan Şensoy and derya baykal, born in 1989. müjgan got his name from his paternal grandmother. he took part in the commercials they shot as a family in the nineties and in the show called "first hand ortaoyunu", which they played again as a family in 2002. his performance in this game is not bad for his age, but rather good for his brother. he graduated from new york university tisch school of arts this year. i'm looking forward to what he will do next.


ferhan, who is loved by those who grew up loving the great ferhan of the Şensoy family. it is said that he came to ankara on time and lived in gaga. fans admired.


of course, they did not think that it would be a problem when they were searched on google while naming their parents. her brother's name is the same as her mother, but she doesn't get confused because she uses it as derya baykal. but if you don't know that his first name is müjgan, unfortunately, ferhan Şensoy does not appear when searched. it's like she's more beautiful and smarter than derya.


nihat doğan, who made an abidic gubidik entry about our brother ferhan on twitter, is her father's daughter. good luck.


it has a very different beauty.


ferhan derya is the one of the Şensoy brothers (as it stands). interestingly, ferhan looks like derya*, derya ferhan*.