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feed wrath* you draw your horse, smash your zulumat, let your soul's fur not hurt your body


although i heard his name for the first time, i was very impressed by his poetry. i would like to thank our author for the opportunity to read.


(see: human human)


(see: lament / @derinsular)


he is a the hurufi poet. his name is mentioned in 16th century sources. he talks about sufis such as hacı bektaş-ı veli, otman baba and balım sultan. it is said that he lived in coke between edirne and kırklareli. "the tomb of muhyiddin baba tomb" is also here. prof. dr. according to Şükrü elden, the date of death of muhyiddin abdal is 1529. it is considered one of the bektashi nations. he collected his poems, written in syllabic meter and in a hurufi understanding, in a small divan


video site/watch?v=fezpsvi1qd0


he finds himself in himself. what is called "knowing" when we say "human being is a human / now i know what a human is" means "to know" in our country, where there is a mountain behind a taurus. muhyiddin is the one who "knows" what is called can can deyu.


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