muharram decree

muharram decree

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decree issued in 1881 for the establishment of a general government to pay debts to foreign states. it is also the decree that the ottoman state actually ended. the entire economy of the empire was left to foreign states with this decision.


muharrem decree are the financial decisions announced on 20 december 1881 (28 muharrem 1299), shaped in line with the demands of the creditors, in order to regulate the domestic and foreign debts that the ottoman state could not pay.


another muharram month, foreigners are seizing the the economy. imperialists do not choose any date by chance. (see: the us company will control the economy) (see: we decided to work with mckinsey) (see: mckinsey) what did mehmet akif say: a man from the past bought stocks... what a fairy tale thing! did he give half a share to the five thousand-year-old parable? they describe "history" as "repetition"; if any lesson was taken, would it be repeated?


it is the decision taken by abdulhamid ii on december 10, 1881. according to this decree, the ottoman finances were opened to international control, thus the administration of the state was in the hands of foreigners for the first time.


decision on the establishment of the "düyun-ı ummiye" (general debts) administration in november 1881. *

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