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a relatively affordable spy for android and ios, the most preferred mobile spy along with flexispy. you can see the discounted prices here, and the demo can be viewed. as standard; - sent, received or deleted sms - incoming and outgoing calls - gps location and routes - messaging applications (whatsapp, skype, telegram, etc.) - it is possible to access all logs of social media applications.


an application installed on the phone, not with a phone number. so physical access is required. what if your target person is retarded and didn't realize that this program is installed on the phone. if he has noticed, enjoy your 700 lira per year (200 per month).


in order to use most of the features it promises, the device on which the program will be installed must be rooted, but it still works


the company said that the promised features do not work and that the customers are victims of the return. before buying, you should read and pay attention to the complaints in the link. mspy complaint


for even more pro (see: flexispy) ghost spyware for android also (see: hoverwatch)