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once made the mistake of taking a shower with hot water without removing the patch. i crouched in the shower and cried in pain. (bkz: the biggest idiots ever made)


it's not enough that you ignite while using it, and after you remove it, a kind of pain that rips off the skin remains behind. whatever sticky substance they used, it barely comes off. in summary; an invention that burns me inside and out.


as of now, it is dragging my lumbar region from fire to fire. i feel as if they are tangled in front of a burning candle that never goes out. but if it will relieve your pain, you should burn it.


now my mouth is a rat-medicated band-aid thing. come on, it's stuck well, i'm also enduring this stupid pain. how is it going to come out? what if i get wet? what the hell is this low back pain at this age.


the medicated tape that remembers my mother right now. it starts to burn from the moment it is adhered and does not stop. i guess its main purpose is to suppress the muscle pain of the pain obtained by burning. i plan to put an end to this pain with an overdose of morphine.


the tape like a bear, which really burns the applied diseased area, it stings while removing it, the area it covers on the body is measured in cm².. the most logical thing is to take it off slowly while taking a bath..


adhesive medicated tape that i stuck on my waist due to a small waist injury. although it has been exactly 7 minutes since i pasted it now, it has not created any burning sensation yet. i also sit on the chair and have a support pillow on my back, so there is a pillow where the tape is and i warm it well. correction: it's been about 1.5 hours since i put it on, i can say that the burning sensation is at the last point, but i guess it's nothing to exaggerate.


it uses capsicum, which gives red pepper its bitterness, as an active ingredient.

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