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i watched this movie. in a late session, alone. personal development books, which say that female energy is constructive and masculine energy is always destructive, didn't make any sense until i watched this movie. they do now. masculine power comes to the home where you make your labor and create your own world independent of the outside world, and it brings third parties. because others are necessary for them to prove their existence. note: i can't divorce.


very good movie. finger to a slightly blind eye. but good. - spoiler i remember that isis released a video of the execution that took place exactly like this. while reading the movie from the mythology of a specific religion, it should not be ignored that it refers to a general "world is on fire". --- spoilers ---


--- spoiler --- there is a lot to write and draw about the movie. but i loved that 2-3 people paint the walls as if nothing is happening while someone is washing the walls. --- spoilers ---