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seems pretty marginal to me, but narcotic analgesic also used in the treatment of diarrhea*...


what is given to patients who suffer greatly (cancer, etc.), in the final stages of their illness.


one of the active ingredients of opium. separating it from opium is considered one of the greatest revolutions in chemistry. for the first time in the world to separate a substance from a natural substance.


even when mixed with serum and given slowly, leave pain, pain; anger, stress, whatever it takes away. the last time you slept like this when you were a kid.


he is the son of hypnos, the god of sleep. his real name is morpheus, and he enters the dreams of rulers and kings by changing form, as the messenger of god. since he is the god of dreams, he is the father of morphine, and because he enters dreams by changing form, he is the father of morphology.


after the surgery i had 2 weeks ago, as a result of my unbearable pain when the effect of the narcosis wore off, i felt dizzy for the first 30 seconds when the nurse took the serum out of my arm and injected it into its place, and then i had a painless, trouble-free sleep at night without any pain, nerves or distress. the substance that made me sleep.