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while i was making doner with millet zweihander in chivalry, i was cut into cubes in this game. i played very little, but i guess i didn't quite understand the mechanics. i wish i didn't have these ballerinas and cheaters, but i didn't go on a new adventure at this age.


while i was waiting for bannerlord (i got married when it was said to be dating for the first time, i have a 4 year old daughter!) the game i bought and played yesterday. even though i can't enjoy it very much because my computer system is old, the game is well received and played. i'm not much of a feminist but if it had a female character it would've been a bit better*


in the game, when you press the r key while carrying a sword, your character attacks the opponent with the handle of the sword, holding the sword with both hands on its sharp end. this technique is called mordhau and that's where the name of the game comes from. it can be translated into the as "death shot".


the game that has been attacked by boring sites like pcgamer/kotaku right now. the fact that such things happen after the presentation of chivalry 2 makes one think, and the close relations of those sites with epic games woke up the complete theorist in me.


the game fucked by the turks. the types who curse each other in every game i play, those who deliberately hit their teammate, those who are objective and invite the nation to duel nonstop... they are officially pissing off the pleasure of the game.


there is no team balance on the maps except for mountain peak grad camp taiga red team is more advantageous. the combat is very enjoyable and the feeling of hitting is excellent.

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