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the term used by prime minister erdogan to humiliate the bureaucrats and diplomats with a western education. but they ask the man; while these monarchs that you disliked were ruling the country, did the territorial integrity of the country become controversial in the world or how many countries in the world recognized the 1915 events as genocide...


it is the term used by many people, who are not bothered by their own ignorance, for educated, well-mannered, francophone people, with a slight squint and adding a little softness. it has even been seen that imam hatip graduates use this expression for huge ambassadors. if this word is used about you, it means that you are not a hobodo man in the sense we understand, you are kind to women, you are careful in your choice of words, and if you look at the basics, all these will harm your manhood badly.


(see: mon cher)


at the same time, it is also the title of honorable statesmen of these lands, who are currently resting in peace in different corners of the country. (see: diplomats martyred by asala)


the word entered about each election period, for the reason (see: recep tayyip erdoğan)


it is the speech of the prime minister, who tried to speak to the people before the general election, to appear close to them, with a tone that means "you are a snob, your class is different, you do not understand the state of the citizen". i'm teasing you left and right, i'm defending your right.


the stranger around here but the other should not be counted.


used as an insult. yes monsoon. all of you are white the, i am black.